About this project

LIC was appointed to design and provide lighting for the Al Bayt Stadium in the city of Al Khor, Qatar in preparation for the 2022 World Cup. 

This project aims to provide the best experience for visitors of the stadium, as well as to reduce maintenance costs through efficient, sustainable illumination plans and innovative operating systems.

Stadium lighting

As part of the Qatar National Vision for 2030, the project of Al Bayt Stadium has applied the most innovative technologies available. LIC luminaire has exceeded the requirements and provided a Smart lighting solution which is fully compatible with LIC Mesh system.
Stadium lighting  now shines continuous, bright, evenly distributed light without hot spots for an unforgettable experience for players, spectators and broadcasters.

LIC LED Illumination at Al Bayt Stadium

Highlights of the project

Modular and adaptable

Smart Building solutions

Easy Installation

Energy-saving LED installation

Adaptability to all models

Tailored illumination design

Personalized solutions

Stadium lighting

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