Intro LIC

Introduction of LIC

At LIC we develop a catered service for a changing ecosystem, empowering our customers to shape their energy consumption.

We turn challenges into opportunities, and take our knowledge of LED illumination and our pioneering digital solutions to set the core structure for Smart buildings and cities. At LIC we are convinced that the combination of digital technology, illumination, and energy potential is the key to mastering our society’s increasing expectations.

LIC Smart Presence

LIC improves quality of life through innovative sustainability. Our solutions make a lasting positive contribution to our clients, communities, and our planet.

The company is specialized in designing illumination plans that enable the migration from conventional lighting to LED, obtaining substantial benefits such as savings of between 60 and 90% in energy consumption and no maintenance or
replacement costs during the first 10 years.


In addition to the LED technology…

LIC works with an intelligent communication network (remote management) which is completely wireless. The management of lights is done by radio frequency communication independently of any other network, such as the telephone network. We distinguish ourselves from other systems by being an independent, robust, secure (bank-level) and scalable solution.

The communication nodes are easily connected to the luminaire and the network is organized automatically by recognizing the next nodes in neighboring luminaires (collective intelligence). Thus, in addition to illuminating a space in the most efficient way possible, we also turn it into a smart building, block, neighborhood, to the extent of and entire smart city.

LIC works towards providing and promoting sustainable energy. Our service portfolio includes renewable energy solutions, such as, photovoltaic modules, waste to energy plants, and more.

Sustainable Solutions

LIC Sustainable Solutions is helping people to increase efficiency and advance sustainability, creating a lasting positive contribution.

Smart Buildings
Access your building’s intelligence

Smart Cities
Integrated solutions for cities of the future

Renewable Energy
Smart energy alternative solutions

Sustainable LED-UV Curing
Efficient LED-UV drying systems for printing